This is the Brown Page. I am writing this on November 8, 2010. Perhaps the Brown Page will someday expand into a bigger deal. Something to write home about. For you, I mean; I've already written home about it. Maybe someday this page will sate your intellectual hunger and the intellectual hungers of all your elitist intellectual friends and elitist intellectual loved ones. Its human interest score could surpass that of Brown University. By the way, did you know that Rudolf Flesch created a formula and an accompanying chart for calculating the human interest score of a piece of writing? It's okay if you didn't know that. I think it's funny because he's into things that interest humans, and his last name is Flesch. That's pretty wild, right? Even though "Flesch" is not spelled like "flesh," the phonetic resemblance should make you go, "Whoa." Here's a good slogan: "'Flesch' and 'flesh' aren't spelled the same … but the coincidentaliness score sure as hell will put a spell on ya!" For now, the Brown Page is just here. And it's brown.